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“My biggest struggle in my 2 years at Zyia has always been recruiting.  Since starting Next Level Coaching and implementing changes I have had 3 people come to me to join my team, which has never happened before. I feel like this is a turning point in my business.”


"LOVE your coaching sessions and love Next Level Coaching! Really has helped my business!!! One of the best business decisions I've made since I started this business in October.”



“I love Next Level coaching and appreciate all of your hard work! The videos are so enjoyable and get to the point—love them! My mission statement, taped next to my bathroom mirror, pumps me up EVERY DAY!”


Ellie Krueger

As a business owner in the network marketing space I cannot say enough about how refreshing and life giving business coaching has been for my organization. 

There’s a lot of success stories in our industry, some of them being “quick”.  But that’s not everyone’s journey. Some of us have never navigated an at home business and we just jump in and throw ourselves through the duplicatable systems. Thank goodness those are there, but when things have been tough, I’m so thankful I had a business coach who brought me back to square one, taught me about mission, vision, prioritizing, mindset, and communication. These simple yet STRONG business practices have led me to a top rank in my company and I’m proud of what I’m building. 

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I rely on my trainers at the gym to take me to the next level. And they do! We are always more successful when someone is guiding, challenging and encouraging us!

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